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Basel Obied is a technology and innovation Expert who has spent his entire professional life building successful startups and productive teams across multiple sectors in the arab region.

His motto in life is to create and innovate world class solutions that are tailor made to suit the people’s and market’s needs and requirements, be it in the digital transofmation, robotics and technology optimization.

His passion and creative imagination has allowed for great collaborations and partnerships with respected entities, including governmental bodies, international brands, and some of the world renowned tycoons.

In addition to his day to day ventures, he also dedicates special time to guide and consult young Entrepreneurs that are entering the world of business and innovation and assists them in laying down the foundation for their businesses and in building the infrastructure for successful journeys.

Basel Obied

Our businesses and commitment are the result of our unshaken belief in human intelligence and their capacity to innovate and evolve the world we live in. It all starts with a single idea, the magic happens when you turn it into reality.

There is a business in every corner, some of them can be an outstanding business if you give it the right time and treatment it require to grow. The investment is not only money, it is the full support in knowledge and resources. It is the connections and the workflow. It is about learning how to make it every time.

    Basel Loves getting involved in :

  • * Internet Crowdsourcing Platforms
  • * Internet of Things
  • * Robotics Innovations
  • * Hydroponics Optimization

Change is an inevitable part of evolution and development, be it at a personal level or at a professional one. Change in the industries of Technology and Innovation is happening on a daily basis at an exponential rate and it’s those who aren’t afraid to ride the high waves that get to truly enjoy the journey.

In truth, most of the business big or small are still clueless on how AI Systems can even yield any profits to their businesses. That’s where we stand out, we fixate our partner clients towards the ground-breaking updates and revolutionary changes of Artificial Intelligence Systems Development. We help you to understand and assist in decision-making processes on how to interact with the latest Machine Learning Technologies and how to use Expert Systems and AI System to gain an ultimate competitive advantage over your competitor’s.


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Basel Obied started his entrepreneurial career in Damascus - Syria where he founded Hope Animation Studios with more than 50 animators, designers, sound engineers, he directed more than 600 minutes of animation on various Arabic Tv channels.

In 2011 basel moved to Dubai, to found Inception Media, where he applied his knowledge of designs, branding, and Advertising strategies to collaborate with the giants in the market from governments to international entities. then in 2015, he started Inception Innovation, a software engineering firm to continue his mission of building innovations. His passion hasn’t stopped there. Basel has continued to follow his passion for the future and founded multiple startups in the UAE and KSA, trying to optimize data to day operations,.

Now, Basel has founded multiple startups in the region and supporting different companies in different fields to allow them to stand out and create strong operational methods and systems to merge with the digital transformation era.


To continue learning and coaching, innovating and creating, partnering and investing for as long as knowledge is available. The mission for today will surely be different than tomorrow’s, but the vision will always remain the same and that is to become the catalyst of advanced solutions and digital technologies to help better the future.


Founded and Supported
by Basel Obied


  • Inception Innovation
  • Inception MEDIA FZC
  • ScoreCarts
  • Beyond Technovation LLC
  • Lucy Enterprise
  • The Business Room Arabia
  • Teacher Socials
  • Invest In Brains
  • Netalents
  • GO Swapo
  • Strilx

Inception Innovation LLC

Founder – CEO

Inception Innovation is a creative and strategic software and technology company that combines research, strategy, technology, and creative designs to create digital products and solutions in addition to softwares and infrastructures for all types of businesses and industries.

Be it in the Construction, Retail, Banking, Hotel, Communities, Schools, or F&B industries, we cater to all the various entities’ needs and requirements offering tailor-made services and innovations that are uniquely designed for their organizations.

Inception MEDIA FZE

Founder – Conceptual Director

Inception Media Is a full-service digital advertising agency built for the now. We partner with clients to drive their business outcomes with best-in-class services, be it in marketing strategies or communications.

Creating a Brand and having a unique signature and message are at the core of any business and organization and at Inception Media we understand the significance of having a unique identity and communication aimed at showcasing the client’s services and products. Ranging from Brand Visual Identity, Brand Guidelines and Company Profiles, Content Creation and Production, Brand Strategies and Planning, Social and Digital Marketing, our agency can cater to all of your needs and offer you strategically creative solutions and services.


Head Of Innovations

ScoreCarts is a real-time retail and brand research solution with the aim of improving the relation between brands and their products on shelves.

Scorecarts is a unique way of conducting retail audits and obtaining market reality which has enabled international brands, such as PepsiCo, Ghurair Foods, P&G, Sunbulah Group, Alshifa, Suntop, Halwani and the likes to have a better understanding of how are their products across multiple categories performing and what immediate actions they can take in order to enhance their distribution and presence on shelves which in return increases their profitability.

Beyond Technovation LLC

Co-Founder – COO

Beyond is a company on a mission, specialized in creating and building futuristic technologies and innovations aimed at shaping a new and creative world filled with novelty and uniqueness

Our vision is to enhance our present by building new paths for creativity and technology and inspire future generations to create a better future. We create products that are futuristic such as space simulation, VR, IOT, and the likes that are carving a new methodology to experience life and your surroundings.

Lucy Enterprise

Investor – Head Of Innovations

Lucy Enterprise is an innovative system created to facilitate the day to day activities and operation of small to larger enterprises. From handling all HR tasks, to easily communicating with any staff, to assigning tasks and following up on open projects, to monitoring the overall financial performance, and many more functionalities and analysis that are essential for a successful business.

It really is what every organization requires to efficiently optimize their operation and gain more visibility on their businesses and transform it into a digital one.

The Business Room Arabia

Founder / Host

The emergence of Arab startup entrepreneurs from a young population across the world and recently in the Middle East region, who are looking to grow their own business is a refreshing occurrence, bringing new hope to a growing region, seeking political and economic security.

This has aspired us to create a useful program to engage with all young entrepreneurs to help them shape their business minds and pass on our accumulated knowledge and experience so they can utilize it to start their own business or project and be able to shift their lives into building and turning their dreams into a reality.

Teacher Socials

Partner – Head Of Innovations

Teacher Socials, founded in Dubai in 2016, is the largest trusted teachers community in the region. Managed by teachers for teachers, we are a holistic, wellbeing company which cares for the needs of teachers. Whether it’s physical, mental or financial wellness we have you covered!

Teachers Socials connects teachers and brings like-minded people together and offers open memberships to all employees working within the education sector. Our app unlocks amazing teacher discounts and events throughout the UAE and more.

Invest In Brains

Partner - Investor

Invest in brains is a company made to invest in startups and lead them to prosperity. The investment is not only money, It is more than that. It is the full support in knowledge and resources. It is the connections and the workflow. It is about learning how to make it every time.

Invest in brains is the right business partner for you. We build your business make make it profitable because we believe in finding the right idea and turn it into reality. The mission is to help every startup in opening their business and structure it well to become a successful one, because we always believe that we must learn to teach.


Co-Founder - Head of Innovations

Netalents a regional oriented networking portal, connecting Talents with Employers and Talent Seekers in the Digital Industry. Talents with diverse backgrounds and experience, ranging from Juniors and Seniors in the Software Engineering field, having multitude of programming languages and experience working on various projects.

The aim is to create a bridge to link humans with one another, from all parts of the world, through digital connections and networking.

Netalents is a human dictionary where people from all walks of life and various experiences have joined to showcase their talents and find opportunities to do what they are passionate about. It a platform where Businesses and Developers can directly connect with one another and collaborate.



our main mission is to support everyone to have a clean and healthy sleep using the latest tools, methods and technologies avaiable to make it happen, and here we are with Strilx, we dedicated our main focus on developing our innovative UVC movable device with the aim of a dosage of 253.7nm exposure and 360 degree ray projection which ensures to capture every single angle in the mattress and eliminate everything there.

Once an item is placed inside the device, the device gets turned on and projects UVC rays around and through the item, sterilizing and eliminating all microorganisms by damaging their DNA. The device works at a bimolecular level where most bacteria, viruses, germs reside. Strilx now operates in KSA and UAE with the mission to help spread this fantastic technology across the region.


Co-Founder - Partner

SWAPO is a system that allows people to get connected on business scale with payment integration using Near frequency field (NFC) technology to help people operate on finance base faster and more secured.


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